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Category: Catechesis

Catechesis & Christian Discipleship

This essay has been slightly edited and was originally published in the C.S. Lewis Institute’s online quarterly, “Knowing and Doing.” You may find the original article at this link.  Introduction If you were asked to articulate the contemporary church’s greatest weakness, what would you say? Would you argue that evangelicals and mainline Christians have both become too captive to political ideologies and failed to remain faithful to the King of kings and Lord of lords?…

On Post-Biblical Protestant Evangelicalism

What has happened to evangelical Christian worship? Several years ago, I had an honors class conduct a research project. We broke students into groups of four and sent them into churches of their own choosing in order to examine biblical content in worship services. All of the groups chose to attend services at large, contemporary churches, which are quite typical (in terms of worship culture) of christian churches across the country. Although I did not ask them…