images-1For some time, I maintained a blog titled “The Sacramental Word.” I decided to delete it, however, when I created the Center for Theology & Ministry at Malone, since CTM has a blog of its own. Although I’ve been posting with some consistency at, I miss the freedom of writing posts without the worry of representing the university in an official capacity. Thus, I’ve recreated this blog and look forward to writing much more freely about things that interest me. My posts will most likely revolve around several research projects that I am working on, which are focused on catechetical theology and the doctrine of scripture (the sacramental word).

I’m also feeling especially eager to blog more freely, since I’ve just been ordained a transitional deacon in the Anglican Church of North America and hope to reflect on the process of receiving Holy Orders as I prepare for ordination to the priesthood in the fall of 2014.